Faster insights. Better business decisions.

More than ever, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with your brand, your customers, and your competitors. That’s why SMG’s customized market intelligence tool BrandGeek is built to give you an immediate leg up with your brand research. It gives you a powerful, near real-time view into data on your customers and your competitors.

How it works

BrandGeek is fueled by SurveyMini®—SMG’s location-based mobile research app—which uses proprietary PinPoint TechnologyTM to detect when users visit mapped locations and triggers a short survey to their smartphones, allowing you to pair consumer feedback (what they think) with behavioral data (what they actually do).

For more information, please reference our FAQ document.

What you get.

  • 10 industry segments:
  • QSR
  • Fast Casual
  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining
  • Specialty Retail
  • Mass Merchant
  • Department Store
  • Convenience
  • Grocery
  • Drug
Use BrandGeek to answer your most pressing business questions, such as:

When and why do my most frequent guests visit my competitors?

Why do customers visit and not buy?

How are my promotions doing in each market?

With access to real-time data, including:
  • – Actual visit frequency
  • – Competitive visit share
  • – Customer satisfaction metrics
  • – Item(s) purchased/non-purchase
  • – Longitudinal customer experience
  • – Open-ended comments
  • – Time of day share
  • – Trends over time
  • – Trip motivation
And the ability to filter by:
  • – Competitive brands
  • – Day part
  • – Demographics/segments
  • – Dine type/dept shopped
  • – DMA/market
  • – Purchase type

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BrandGeek is a market intelligence tool designed to give marketing and research teams access to dynamic customer and competitor data in near real time. As part of SMG’s brand research solution, BrandGeek puts everything you need to know about your brand, your customers, and your competition at your fingertips. See how it works ->.